Julinat technical Service Limited history and experience in services delivery has earned the company a legitimate and good business relationship with most world leading manufacturers as a result of constant patronage. Below are the Manufacturers/Products we have an existing Memorandum of Understanding and Partnership Agreement with but not limited to: –

  • julinat_gate_logoGATES CORPORATION:
    • Industrial/Automotive Power Transmission Belts
    • Sheaves, pulleys & Sprockets
    • Taper Lock Bushings & Bearings
    • Hydraulics
    • Industrial Service Hoses & Couplings/Crimper
    • Conveyor Belt
    • Composite Hoses

    • General Purpose Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Switches
    • Hazardous Location Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Switches
    • Pressure & Temperature Switches for the OEM
    • Temperature Sensors
    • Electronic Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Products
    • Pressure Transmitter for Hazardous Locations

    • Process Pressure Relief Valves
    • Special Purpose Pressure Relief Valves
    • Pilot Control Valves
    • Steam Safety Valves
    • Test Stands
    • Universal Test Stands
    • Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
    • Pumps
    • Gas Boosters
    • Power Units & Specialty Valves
    • On Site Pressure Relief Valve Maintenance Trainings
    • On Site Seminar

    • Pumps
    • Gas Boosters
    • Air Amplifiers
    • Vehicle Control Valves
    • Ansaldo Thomassen

Ansaldo Thomassen started from building Gas Engine but beginning from 1968 until late 90’s it has built over 300 units of gas turbines under GE license. Toward the end of 90’s GE withdrew its license and hence Thomassen was no longer allowed to build gas turbines by itself. So Thomassen converted its business scope from building gas turbine sets to provide maintenance services for the gas turbine models which were already built by Thomassen in the past with already known technical design details of these gas turbines.Our services include all maintenance aspects both mechanical and control systems of these gas turbines, repair, spare parts, engineering back up, unscheduled events, inspections, modifications, Relocations, Long Term Service Agreements, Life-time assessment, Refurbishment and Re-manufacturing, Conversions, Modifications and Retrofits and upgrades. ANSALDO THOMASSEN distinguishes her selves from many other maintenance companies since we were once manufacturer of these turbines. That means we have the whole design background of subject gas turbines, drawings, engineering calculations, …


The founding of the company can be traced back to the former central European republic of Czechoslovakia, where Mechanika Bratislava, an instrumentation factory, was formed in 1925. Its founder, Mr. Erwin Winters, re-established the business in Toronto, Canada in 1953 under the name, “Winters Thermogauges”. The company later became known as Winters Instruments.
Since 1953, Winters Instruments has been manufacturing quality built instrumentation for all markets that require pressure and temperature measurement. Through the years, the company has grown in size and reputation and is now a leading, global manufacturer of industrial instrumentation. Our comprehensive product lines of pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, transmitters, switches and accessories are brought to market by an extensive network of distribution partners and are trusted by some of the world’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies. Winters Instruments currently operates from 9 worldwide offices.

Winters instruments has been manufacturing quality-built instrumentation for all markets that require pressure and temperature measurement. Through the years, the company has grown in size and reputation and is now a leading, global manufacturer of industrial instrumentation such as

  1. Pressure Gauges
  2. Pressure Transmitters
  3. Pressure Switch
  4. Thermometer
  5. RTDS and thermocouples
  6. Thermowells
  7. Diaphragm Seals
  8. Instrumentation Accessories

5-Year Warranty

A 5-year warranty applies to all pressure gauges, thermometers and tridicators.

1-Year Warranty

A 1-year warranty applies to all diaphragm seals, pressure switches, pressure transmitters, and instrumentation accessories.


Henkel offers you more than state-of-the-art adhesive, sealant and functional coating products with access to unique expertise covering the entire value chain. So, whatever you build, assemble, repair and maintain, you can count on their engineering solutions, complemented by expert technical advice and training, to deliver the best results for your industry needs:

    • Improve overall manufacturing process
    • Reduce costs
    • Enhance product performance.

Henkel products provides maintenance solutions and “Composite Repair Solution.


  • Metal Rebuilding
  • Ceramic Based Protective Coatings
  • Concrete Repair and Rebuilding


  • Threadlocking:
  • Threadsealing:
  • Gasketing:
  • Retaining
  • Anti-Seize Lubricants


Bliss Anand is a leading manufacturer of field instruments for process and power industries including:


  • Glass level Gauge
  • Magnetic level Gauge
  • Instrument Chamber
  • Magnetostrictive level Transmitter
  • Level switch
  • Sight Flow Indicator
  • Radar Transmitter

Farris Safety Relief Valves Series 2600, 2700, 4200
Bliss Anand has added Energy Equipment Division to cater to the demand of engineered products for Oil & Gas industry. Established as a manufacturing firm 40 Years ago, it has opened three major manufacturing facilities spread over, USA, Middle East and Asia, also it has established sales and marketing network in USA, Canada, Middle East, Far East and Asia. Bliss Anand’s products are widely accepted, recommended and used by leading engineering consultants and contractors in Oil & Gas and other process industries.

And Others: