Marine Engineering Work and Supplies

With a great wealth of experience in boat repairs and other Minor marine and offshore work. The best way to introduce our self is by what we do and how we do it*

Provides diversified one point contact solution to our esteemed clients to manage their operational requirements of challenging and creative Marine & Dredging Projects

Julinat Technical Services is registered with IOC and serving Oil & Gas Sector, Industrial Sectors, Building and Construction Sector etc.

Combining our extensive experience we aim to find innovative solutions to underwater problems and the provision of direct supervision and liaison at all stages of preparation and execution of a project, we believe we can offer assistance to any marine project, large or small. Our divers have the experience and training needed to perform underwater work which includes pipeline inspections, repair clamp installation, installation of sub sea assemblies and risers, hyperbaric welding, wet stick and underwater cutting, anode replacement, anchoring pipelines, underwater jetting, underwater hot tapping, cleaning cooling towers and holding tanks, dock inspections, pier and dock repairs, plug and abandonment, and general diving services etc.

The details of the services are:

  • Installing and inspection of gates, strainers, pumps, flanges and filters
  • Submarine cable laying& burial
  • Sand bagging, concreting and grouting
  • Air lifting, grit blasting, hydro-jetting
  • Air and hydraulic powered tools
  • Break water and intake cleaning
  • Pre-fabricated harbor constructed system
  • Block setting, placing of rock armour
  • Search and recovery of lost equipment
  • Using of underwater metal detector (magnetometer)
  • Installation of inshore mooring systems
  • Video surveys using closed circuit television system (cctv) system
  • Cutting submerged vessels using underwater oxy-arch cutting (BROCO)
  • Underwater welding (sub-sea installations and hulls)
  • Flotation and lifting sinking and super-merged objects and wrecks using air
  • bags, pontoons, underwater oxy-arch cutting (BROCO) etc
  • Excavation seabed and pipeline weight coat removal for Sonoma tic inspection
  • using hydraulic jack hammer, high pressure water jet, air lift and grit blasting.
  • Jack up barges and rigs leg check, penetration measurements, leg prepare,
  • underwater cutting and welding on site, cleaning, inspection…etc
  • Mooring buoys maintenance installing and repair under and above water using
  • oxy-acetylene and BROCO, welding, grinding, brushing, painting,…etc
  • Anchor handling operations including anchors and dead weights shifting,
  • relocations and repair.
  • Subsea inspection for harbor jetties including piles, concrete installation, steel
  • reinforcements, alignment and misalignment, video, photos, C.P. readings etc.
  • Debris cleaning