Torque Bolting and Bolt Tensioning Servicestorque

JTSL, We are known in Torque Bolting & Bolt Tensioning operations of any capacity depending on the Clients choice. We offer world class Products and torque2Services in this specialty of Torqueing and Bolting Operations, with the use of qualified and certified personnel to carry out services using the right and applicable standard and values for operations.

Torque Bolting: Torque is the twist or the resistance to rotation. When used in reference to a fastener, torque3torque is the resistance to turning of the bolt or nut. Torque is based upon the fundamental law of the lever: Force x distance = the torque or twist around a point. Torque is most commonly measured in foot-pounds or inch-pounds. In practice, if one pound of force is applied one foot from the center of the fastener, the resulting torque developed would be referred to as one foot-pound of torque. If the resistance measurement is in inches, the resulting torque would be referred to as twelve inch-pounds of torque