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Tank and vessel cleaning services are an important part of maintaining the integrity of a tank. It is not only for quality control, even if you use it for the storage of one product there is still high tendency of sludge accumulation. The result of the contamination could result to wrong figures and product defect.

Julinat Technical Services Limited uses new technology for all tank and vessel cleaning with the use of qualify and certified personnel which include powerful, high pressure rotary jet with a 360-degree access range. JTSL guarantee that after our tank and vessel cleaning your tank will be back to a new condition. Our cost is reasonable.


JTSL understands that this activity is a high exposed hazard related job with a high risk associated with it, we have taken that to consideration to ensure we put all our safety gear in place which include but not limited to site inspection, hazard identification, risk assessment and provisions of a good control system to reduce the risk of being hurt to as low reasonably practicable. Our NO PAIN!! KNOW SAFETY!!! Slogan is bold engrave in our heart while carry out any activities.