A History to build on

orgIn business since 1999, Julinat Technical Services has been supplying and implementing, flexible, integrated, solutions on Materials Procurement for a wide range of industries, institutions, and organizations. We’ve continued to build from our strengths, and our history, to become a respected and valued partner to our clients, especially in the Oil & Gas Sector. Our success reflects our wishes for the future. And with our success, comes yours.

Julinat Technical Services was incorporated as a limited liability company on the 25th day of june, 2008 to take over asset and liability of Julinat Technical Services.

Our Mission

biz-techJULINAT TECHNICAL SERVICE LIMITED is to strive to meet the need of those we serve and motivate those we lead for high quality services and product.


Our Vision


Our Mandate


Values That Stand the Test of Time General Contractors, Warehousing and Fast Track Supplies. At Julinat Technical Services Ltd, we constantly strive to encompass a broad range of activities in the Services & Materials Procurement sector. And either General Contracting, Warehousing, Fast Track Supplies or Specialized Construction and Design, we have the experience, the knowledge and the expertise to help you realize your objectives. We are a diversified enterprise, dedicated to total quality always at client service, and committed

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A common goal

While each company operates independently, we share resources, strength and expertise. In this fashion, we are able to respond quickly to niche markets and draw upon all the resources, both physical and personal, of the entire consortium. We are driven by a common vision involving creative relationships, based on trust, respect and integrity, with everyone of our clients.

Our mission is shared across the JULINAT TECHNICAL SERVICES areas encompass. Our aim is “to be recognized as a successful, leading provider of innovation, high-quality professional services in the area of Services & Materials Procurement, that add significant value to our clients.